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#Főoldal# {Registration, create or modify account}

{Registration, create or modify account}


{Please, read carefully the recommendations below, than you can registrate on our homepage by filling in the form.}

  1. {The email address has to be real and active. Give a password that is difficult to guess: it should contain lowercases, capitals and numbers, too! We recommend you to check the strength of your password on Microsoft's password checker page! }
  2. {It is possible that certain service providers' free messaging system does not receive the emails sent by our system. If you do not receive the email of registration on the given address, please contact our system administrator via email! You can find his/her address on the contacts page!}


{It is possible that the cookies are not allowed in your browser, because you previously disabled them. You have to allow using the cookies in your browser before using the system!}

  • {Firefox menü: Eszközök/Beállítások/Adatvédelem/Sütik elfogadása Webhelyekről}
  • {Explorer menü: Eszközök/Internetbeállítások/Adatvédelem/Speciális...}

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